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Welcome to Anderson Custom Bicycles! 

Thank You for Visiting.....I specialize in building one of a kind custom bicycles and frame sets. Each is designed and hand built exclusively for you, based upon your unique specifications, wishes, needs, and riding style. 

I offer a wide variety of different style bicycles, with a special focus on Road, Cyclecross, and my "4-Seasons" all arounder bikes. 

Most of the bikes that I build are made with steel and either lugged, or fillet brazed construction. You'll probably notice a lot of stainless steel here, as its one of my specialties, although, to be sure, I do not build exclusively with stainless, and I hope that you will notice some of my "painted" bikes as well, especially since I'm the guy that painted them! :-) 

I confess that I do my own web site work and since I am a framebuilder and not a web site developer by trade, its probably not the flashiest, or the best organized site out there, but I hope it conveys, at least in a small way, the love that I feel for hand crafted bicycles and the dedication that I have for creating the very best bikes that I can. 

Thank you for your time! Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to let me know. 


Dave Anderson



 As you may know, one of my specialties is working with stainless steel. It's a really great material for building bike frames with and we cyclists are lucky that we have good companies like Reynolds and KVA that are still pushing the envelope and producing such products for use in steel bikes. These materials make for a strong, light, great riding machine, and are among the best materials available for building a truly fine hand made bicycle.


Fillet Brazed Joints:


The Shop

The photo above is of Fraser's ACB 4-Seasons Stainless bike. It's built with Reynolds 953 stainless tubes throughout, including the fork blades. Some of its features include polished stainless steel lugs, polished stainless drop outs, a custom polished stainless stem, & etc. The logos on the bike are actually the polished tubes showing through.  The seatpost and handlebars are Enve parts that I painted to match. The bike is built for use with long reach brakes and has ample clearance for larger tires and fenders. Click HERE or on the photo above for more photos.

Here is a detail shot of Joachim's ACB Road bike. Click on the photo or HERE for more photos of this frameset. Joachim's frame is built with a mixture of Columbus Spirit and True Temper S3 tubes and features brushed stainless steel drop outs and Richard Sach's Richie-issimo series lugs. 


Please click on the photo above for some shots of John's Anderson Four Seasons 953 frame set. This bike is a good example of what can be done when a rider and builder work together towards a common goal. John and I collaborated with this and I incorporated many of John's ideas into the bike, including his desire to be able run multiple tire sizes, fenders, rack mounts, S&S Couplers & etc., and yet still have a bike that he can race. 

Also, be sure to click on the photo below to check it out fully decked out with parts and in action!:



Plz Keep Scrolling  There's More! :-) 


Anderson "Signature Road 953" frame set. 

Hi All! Check out Jan's new stainless frameset!  Be sure to click HERE for more photos. Also click on the photo below for a shot of the completed bike with Jan in its new home in Denmark. 



As I noted above, one of my specialties is building with stainless steel.  Companies like Reynolds, KVA Stainless, & Columbus have introduced high tech stainless tubing in recent years that make for a strong, light, great riding bicycle.  These materials are corrosion resistant and allow for the creation of a uniquely beautiful bicycle.  If you look around this web site and my Flickr and Facebook pages you will see lots of stainless bikes.  I think that is one of the best materials available for building a truly fine hand made bicycle.


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 Click for photos of Bill's 4-SEASONS STAINLESS, winner of the  PRESIDENTS CHOICE AWARD at the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show.


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